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Azwidohwi Philip Kutame

Azwidohwi Philip Kutame

I am a professional teacher and educational domain researcher focusing on teacher assessment and evaluation for professional development. I spent forty-two years teaching. In my D.Phil degree, I investigated the methodologies of conducting sensitive research in education. My research area is broadly on assessment of teacher mental health and its effects on the promotion of quality of teaching and learning; and evaluation of the role of community engagement in promoting the quality of life of teachers in rural areas. This done to develop well rounded teacher and communities that are socially responsible. My focus area is mainly Community Engagement research based on research projects investigating overall school performance in rural schools. Through assessment and evaluation of teachers, challenges being experienced in these rural schools are established. These mostly affect promotion of teachers’ mental health. I have received three prestigious awards during my Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Awards: Research, Teaching and Community Engagement Excellence Awards.

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