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Vusi Msiza

Thesis Topic

Masculinity and care: Narratives of male foundation phase teachers in Mpumalanga Province


  • Msiza, V, Zondi, T & Couch, L (2020). The use of peer assessment at a time of massification: Lecturers’ perceptions in a teacher education institution, Journal of Education (University of KwaZulu-Natal), (79), 47-64
  • Mbatha, N. Msiza, V, Satimburwa, N., & Zondi, T. (2020). The Academentia of ECAs: Navigating Academic Terrain Through Critical Friendships as a Life Jacket. Educational Research for Social Change, 9(0), 31-44
  • Msiza,V, Ndhlovu, B. & Raseroka, N.(2020). “Sausage Factory, in and out”: Lecturers’ Experiences of Assessing in an Era of Massification in a Teacher Education Institution. Educational Research for Social Change, 9(0), 45-57 
  • Msiza, V. (2020) ‘You are a male teacher but you have a woman’s heart’: Foundation phase teachers negotiating identities in South Africa, Education 3-13, 48(6), 651-660.  
  • Msiza, V. (2020). ‘I don’t like them coming to me and saying hey, I like you’: Male teachers in relegated positions of masculinity. Agenda, 34(2), 86-93.  
  • Blose, S., Msiza, V., & Chiororo, F. (2021). Developing a supervisor identity through experiential learning: Narratives of three interdisciplinary novice academics working in a South African University, Journal of Education (University of KwaZulu-Natal, 1-20
  • Ndlovu, N., Mbatha, N., & Msiza, V. (in press). COVID-19 and Currere: Looking back and going forward. In L. Ramrathan, N. Ndimande-Hlongwa, N. Mkhize & J. Smit (Eds.), Rethinking the Humanities Curriculum in the Time of COVID-19 
  • Msiza, V., Mbatha, N., & Zondi, T., (in press). Mapping a model for peer assessment: Narratives of academics in a South African teacher education institution. In L. Sosibo & E. Ivala (Eds.), Creating Effective Teaching and Learning Spaces: Shaping Futures and Envisioning Unity in Diversity and Transformation
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