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Sabelo Nxumalo

Thesis Topic

“Towards a model of factors associated with sporting success among apprentice jockeys in KwaZulu-Natal”
  • Nxumalo, S. & Semple, S.J. (2013). The effects of a 10-week Zulu stick fighting intervention programme on body composition of prepubescent Zulu males. Indilinga, 12(1): 96–107.
  • Nxumalo, S.A., Semple, S.J. & Longhurst, G.K. (2015). Effects of Zulu stick fighting on health-related physical fitness of prepubescent Zulu males. African Journal for Physical, Health Education, Recreation and Dance, 21(1:1), 32–45.
  • Nxumalo, S.A. & Beetge, R. (2017). Sport participation of female university students. South African Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education and Recreation, 39(2), 163–179.
  • Nxumalo, S.A. & Edwards, S.D. (2017). Attitudes of female students towards sport participation. African Journal for Physical Activity and Health Sciences, 23(1:2), 226–240.
  • Nxumalo, S. A., & Mncube, D. W. (2018). Using indigenous games and knowledge to decolonise the school curriculum: Ubuntu perspectives. Perspectives in Education, 36(2), 103-118.
  • Hlatshwayo, M.N., Shawa, L.B. and Nxumalo, S.A. (2020). Ubuntu currere in the academy: a case study from the South African experience. Third World Thematics: A TWQ Journal, pp.1-17.
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