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A very warm welcome to the School of Education Teaching and Learning

I am Samukelisiwe Khumalo – the Academic Leader of Teaching and Learning in the School of Education.

The Academic Leader (Teaching and Learning) provides academic leadership in Teaching and Learning. The Academic Leader is a member of the School Management Committee (SMC). The Academic Leader (Teaching and Learning) supports Dean and Head of School with Academic and Administrative Functions.

Teaching and Learning

Purpose statement:  The Teaching and Learning hub is responsible for the attainment of quality and excellence in terms of content, design, delivery and development of all modules offered in the School, and further to ensure the development, implementation and monitoring of procedures related to teaching and learning, access and throughput for the School.

To support the teaching and learning endeavours of the School the following activities will be undertaken:

  • Attainment of enrolment plan in the B.Ed., PGCE, B.Ed. Honours degree; University language plan and attainment of teaching excellence.
  • To provide Academic Support and Monitoring, to identify and support students who are at risk and potential cum laude students.
  • To support the School to have a conducive climate for teaching and learning and improve throughput rates.
  • To provide support on teaching and learning matters, plan regular workshops, debates and seminars, assist in staff development and teaching practice matters.
  • To deal with improvements in admission requirements, processes and policies.

This Teaching and Learning webpage will grant you access to some of the policy documents that guides our work in the School, as well as highlights and recent developments of the Teaching and Learning office.

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Principle and Procedures for Student Feedback on Teaching Quality Senate
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