School of Education

Gavin Heath


Gavin Edward Craig Heath
Dr. Gavin Heath

Discipline Geography Education

Contact Number 031-260-3497

Campus Edgewood Campus

Office Address CF139

Last Updated 3 months ago

Degrees Held

  • BA, Cape Town, 1989
  • HDE (PG) Sec., Cape Town, 1990
  • MCRP, Cape Town, 2000
  • PhD, Rhodes, 2021


  • Over 16 years’ service as lecturer in this field at this University.  Five years’ service as a teacher.


  • Scholarship winner at the University of Cape
    Town (2000),
  • Cape Education Department Merit Bursary (1987-1990),
  • National Research Foundation PhD Scholarship 2014-2016

Research Interests

  • Mountain-oriented education
  • Mountain studies
  • Mapwork education
  • Fieldwork

Teaching Interests

  • Research methodology
  • Climatology
  • Geography Education

Selected Publications

Community Involvement

  • 2020-2021, Keep-it-Cool Climate Change Education, Project to educate high school teachers about climate change
  • 2016-2021, Cluster co-representative, Social Science Education

Teaching Expertise

  • Understanding research
  • Geography Education topics
  • B Ed Hons Education for Sustainable Development and Education for Climate Change

Students Supervision