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Ronicka Mudaly


Ronicka Mudaly
Prof. Ronicka Mudaly
Associate Professor

Leadership Deputy-Academic Leader: Science and Tech. Education

Discipline Science Education

Contact Number 031-260-3643

Campus Edgewood Campus

Office Address Room CU101, Tutorial block

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Degrees Held

  • B Paed (Science)
  • M Ed
  • D Ed


Research Interests

An emerging research nexus area where social justice, education in general and science education in particular, intersect, is captured by my publications, research projects and conference presentations. This is an interdisciplinary field, and I address the following issues using a social justice lens: gender, transformative environmental education, alternative knowledge systems, and decolonizing the curriculum, as these apply to science education in particular and education in general. My publications are used to advance discourses related to human emancipation by making visible oppressive constructs, with a view to changing these.

Teaching Interests

The outcomes in my modules resonate with calls for a humanistic approach to education, as well as with goals of the National Development Plan (NDP) Vision 2030 to improve ourselves through creativity, and to promote an active citizenry capable of addressing poverty and deprivation.  Students cultivate school gardens for food security, health and nutrition in order to achieve these outcomes. I encourage pre-service teachers to adopt a humanist approach to science teaching and to enable learners and their communities to become self-reliant, and this articulates with the NDP Vision 2030 for communities to be self-sufficient. The theory of cultural production underpins this activity, because pre-service teachers are taught to empower impoverished communities through food gardening, for example, and simultaneously leverage knowledge from their communities.

Selected Publication

Student Supervision

I supervise various postgraduate students at the honours, masters and doctoral levels