Lebala Kolobe

Degrees Held

  • BSc.
    (Biology & Chemistry)
  • BSc. Honors
    (Science Education)
  • MSc.
    (Chemistry Education)



  • Secondary school teaching (Natural Sciences and Physical Sciences)
  • Tertiary level teaching (Chemistry)
  • Researcher- Science Education at secondary and tertiary level

Research Interests

  • Teaching and learning in science
  • Specialization instructional strategies
  • Teacher knowledge
  • Teaching environments
  • Self-regulation and motivation in learning science
  • Self-study methodologies
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Interpretivism

Teaching Interests

  • Teaching methods in chemistry
  • Teaching chemistry for science teachers


  • Self-regulation and motivation in learning science
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Mixed methods

Community Involvement/Outreach

  • Working with Masters students doing their research, sharing experiences learnt during studies.
  • UKZN-Minquiz science partnership with schools