Wiseman Thokozani Mkhwanazi

Degrees Held
  • M.Sc. ;
  • B.Sc. (Hons);
  • HDE;
  • B.Sc.


  • Fifteen years teaching experience in a Higher Education Institution.
  • Thirteen years teaching experience at school and Colleges of Education.
  • Mathematics Subject Advisor in the former Kwazulu-Natal Department of Education.
  • Managing the department of education at a college of education.
  • Developing teaching and learning materials for educators and students and learners.
  • Managing and coordinating a Faculty-Based Qualification.
  • Acted as Discipline Head for Mathematics Education


  • Awarded the M.Sc. degree with distinction
  • Excellence in Teaching Practice for the HDE.
  • Excellent mathematics teaching record based on the pass rates over the years.
  • Accomplished peer evaluation reports on teaching quality from an international visiting lecturer.


  • Best Teaching Team Award for 2016 in the College of Humanities Excellence Awards
  • Awarded funding by SAIDE to conduct research under the PILO Research Project 2017

Research Interests

  • The effective understanding of functions in the FET level.
  • The conceptualization of limits and continuity by undergraduate students.
  • The role of effective feedback in enhancing the teaching and learning.

Teaching Interests

  • The teaching and learning of functions across the FET phase.
  • Broadening the understanding of calculus at FET level and beyond.


  • Successfully supervised three B.Ed. (Hons) students to complete their Independent Research Project.
  • Currently co-supervising two M.Ed. students doing full dissertations

Community Involvement/Outreach

  • Conducting mathematics education workshops for in-service teachers.
  • Assisting CASME with Jika iMfundo Head of Department Training
  • Providing academic support to mathematics educators through CASME
  • Evaluation of Education Projects.


Journal Articles

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