School of Education

Annatoria Zanele Ndlovu

Annatoria Zanele Ndlovu

AL: BE.d Hons & Advanced Undergraduate Programmes


Academic Leader, Lecturer


Mathematics Education


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Office Address

CU 150

Degrees Held

  • Degree
  • PhD (UKZN)

Research Interests

  • Teacher Professional development
  • Undergraduate mathematics Education
  • Error analysis and mathematical knowledge for teaching

Teaching Interests

  • Mathematics Education and Content
  • Research


  • Brijlall, D., &Ndlovu.Z. (2013). High School Learners Mental Constructions of optimization problems. South African Journal of Education, 33(2), 180-197.
  • Ndlovu, Z., & Brijlall, D. (2015). Pre-service teachers’ mental constructions of Matrix algebra. African Journal of Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, 19(2), 156-171.
  • Ndlovu, Z., & Brijlall, D. (2016). Pre-service teachers’ mental constructions of Determinants. International Journal of educational Science,4(1,2), 145-165.
  • Ndlovu, Z., Amin, N., & Samuel, M (2017). Examining pre-service teachers’ subject matter knowledge    of school mathematics concepts. Journal of Education, 70, 46-72.
  • Ndlovu, Z. (2017). Grade 12 Mathematics Learners’ narrative of the effectiveness of Collaborative in Mathematics Classrooms.International Journal of Sciences and Research,73(3), 50-64.
  • Ndlovu, Z., & Brijlall, D (2019).Preservice mathematics teachers’ mental constructions of solving system of linear equations using Cramer’s Rule. South African Journal of Education.
  • Mkhwanzi, T., Ndlovu, Z., Bansilal, S., & Ngema, S. (2018). Learning about sustainable change in Education in South Africa: the Jika iMfundo campaign 2015-2017: In P. Christie & M. Monyokolo(Eds.), Exploring mathematics teachers’ usage of the curriculum planner and tracker in secondary schools in King

Community Involvement

  • (2019), SAARMSTE, organizing the conference
  • (2016-2018), Mentorship, seminars for novice mathematics teachers
  • (2013-2017), How I teach, seminars for pre-service teachers

Teaching Expertise

  • Teaching undergraduate and postgraduate


  • Sazi Edward Ngcobo (2016), Exploring the Learning of Functions in Grade 11 Mathematics through the use of Geometer Sketchpad and Autograph Software technology.
  • Yeshvira Brijall (2017), Exploring Usage of the curriculum tracker at Ziphembeleni Secondary School
  • Thabile Mthiyane (2017), Exploring Usage of curriculum tracker at KwabaZothini Secondary School
  • Mxolisi Ngcobo (2017), Exploring usage of curriculum tracker at Ekupheleni Secondary School
  • Terreen Chetty(2017),
  • Sazi Edward Ngcobo (2017-2019), Exploring grade 9 mathematics learner performance in schools that participated in the 1+9 programme.
  • Yeshvira Brijall (2018-2019), Exploring Secondary Mathematics teachers uptake of the curriculum tracker in Pinetown and Ilembe district
  • Thabile Mthiyane (2018-2019), Exploring Foundation phase teachers uptake curriculum tracker in Pinetown and Ilembe District
  • Njabulo Dube( 2018-2019), Exploring Mathematics and Science teachers uptake of curriculum tracker in Pinetown and King Cetshwayo District.
  • Tawia Frimpong (2018-2019), Exploring grade 9 mathematics teachers’ engagement with learners’ errors in the teaching and assessment of mathematics at Harry Gwala District
  • Jona Nghishona (2017-2019), Exploring the implementation of differentiated instruction by Grade 9 Mathematics teachers, the case study of Eenhana Circuit.
  • Sethembiso Madonsela (2016-2018), Exploring grade 12 learners’ mental constructions of solution of triangles.
  • Justice Enu (2018-2020), Exploration of mathematics teacher educators understanding and practices of formative assessment: A case of three colleges in Ghana.