Zanele Ndlovu

Annatoria Zanele Ngcobo

Degrees Held

  • PhD
  • Master’s in Education
  • Bachelor of Education Honours
  • Advanced Certificate in Education
  • Diploma in Education

Research Interests

  • Error analysis and mathematical knowledge for teaching
  • Teacher Professional development

Teaching Interests

  • Mathematics Education and Research in Education



Community Involvement

  • (2020 to date): Teacher Development project in partnership with Amajuba District, Ugu District and Wits University
  • (2017 to 2022): Primted Project focusing on developing assessment National Standards for Foundation Phase pre-service teacher and developing assessment tasks.
  • (2019), SAARMSTE, organizing the conference
  • (2016-2018), Mentorship, seminars for novice mathematics teachers
  • (2013-2017), How I teach, seminars for pre-service teachers

Teaching Expertise

  • Teaching undergraduate and postgraduate