Boitumelo Mokolopeng

Boitumelo Mokolopeng

Boitumelo Mokolopeng

Degrees Held

  • Master Degree in Drama therapy, University of Witwatersrand, 2019.
    Dissertation title: An exploration of dramatic rituals to facilitate self-reflexivity among male adolescents who are incarcerated.  
  • Fellowship Diploma in Directing/Drama & Speech , Trinity College of London, 2012.
    Dissertation title: The preparation and planning of a theatre production
  • National Diploma in Drama & Speech, Tshwane University of Technology, 2010.
    Majors: Teaching Practice & Script-writing


Research Interests

  • Reflexive Practice
  • Indigenous knowledge and Practices
  • Male Adolescents, risk behavior and Mental wellbeing
  • The health effect of Drama pedagogies.
  • Theatre for healing and social change

Teaching Interests

  • Drama-based inquiry in teaching and learning.
  • Reflexive and Embodied learning.
  • Drama therapy concepts and practice in teaching and learning
  • Healing and Transformative pedagogies in education.

Selected Publications

Community Involvement

  • 2021, Dramatherapy Intervention programme. Providing psychological emotional and support to men at the shelter.
  • 2020-2021, Dramatherapy Intervention programme. Providing psychological and emotional support to frontline workers who are infected and affected by Covid-19.
  • 2019 – 2020, Dramatherapy Intervention programme. Facilitating a Dramatherapy workshop to a troupe of actors who are in distress.
  • 2018, Dramatherapy Intervention programme. Providing therapeutic counselling at the community rehabilitation center for men with drug alcohol addiction problem

Teaching Expertise

  • Drama in Education & Theatre in Education
  • Applying Drama therapy concepts and practices in teaching and learning
  • Developing healing and transformative pedagogies.
  • Child and Adolescents Psychology.


  • Facilitating a Drama Intervention programme for the youth, My body, my space Festival, (2017)
  • Drama for Life Conference and Festival, Facilitating a dialogue on the psychological effect of the neglected boy child, (2018)