Lungile Masinga

Research Interest

Sexuality education, teacher development looking at teacher learning and curriculum enquiry. My methodological interests lie within self-study enquiry and reflectivity.

Teaching Interests

Curriculum studies, gender education



Journal Articles
  • Masinga, L., Myende, P., Marais, A., Singh-Pillay, A., Kortjass, M., Chirikure, T., & Mweli, P. (2016). “Hear our voices”: a collective arts-based self-study of early-career academics on our learning and growth in a research-intensive university. Educational Research for Social Change5(2), 117-135.
  • Pithouse-Morgan, K., Naicker, I., Pillay, D., Masinga, L., & Hlao, T. (2016). ‘Sink or swim?’: Learning from stories of becoming academics within a transforming university terrain. South African Journal of Higher Education, 30(1), 1-20.
  • Masinga, L. (2014). Teachers learning about their sexual identities through collaborative storytelling: Mandla and Sihle’s story Agenda (Autobiographies, Biographies & Writing Lives).
  • Masinga, L. (2012). Journeys to self-knowledge: Methodological reflections on using memory-work in a participatory study of teachers as sexuality educators. Journal of Education, 54, 121-137.
  • Pithouse-Morgan, K., Khau, M., Masinga, L., & van de Ruit, C. (2012). Letters to those who dare feel: Using reflective letter-writing to explore the emotionality of research. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 11(1), 40-56.
Chapters in Books
  • Masinga, L. (2009). An African teacher’s journey to self-knowledge through teaching sexuality education. In K. Pithouse, C. Mitchell & R. Moletsane (Eds.), Making connections: Self-study & social action (pp. 237-252). New York: Peter Lang.
  • Pithouse, K., Mitchell, C., & Masinga, L. (2009). Living and lifelong learning. In C. Mitchell & K. Pithouse (Eds.), Teaching and HIV& AIDS (pp. 237-246). Johannesburg: Macmillan.
Conference Proceedings
  • Masinga, L (2014). Journeys to self-knowledge: A collaborative self-study of teachers of sexuality education. In D. Garbett & A. Oven (Eds.). Changing practices for changing times: Past, Present and Future possibilities for self-study research. Proceedings of the tenth international conference on the self-study of teacher education practices, Herstmoceux catle, east Sussex England (pp. 151-153). University of New Zealand. 
  • Khau, M., Masinga, L., & Pithouse, K. (2008). “Let’s talk about sex baby; Let’s talk about you AND ME”: Facing the challenges of including teachers’ selves in sexuality, HIV, and AIDS education. In M. Heston, D. Tidwell, K. East & L. Fitzgerald (Eds.), Pathways to change in teacher education: Dialogue, diversity and self-study. Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on the Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices, Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex England (pp. 187-191). Cedar Falls, IA: University of Northern Iowa.