Labby Ramrathan

Professor Labby Ramrathan

Position Associate Professor
Discipline Teacher Development Studies
Phone 031 260 8065
Campus Edgewood campus
Office Address Room 324, Wing 3, ground floor

Degrees Held

  • B.Sc, HED, BEd, MEd, DEd



  • NRF C3 rated researcher – 2010
  • NRF competitive grant – R980 000-00 – collaborative research project on School categorization and its influence on teaching and learning – 2014
  • NRF rated researcher competitive grant – R620 000-00 – what explains learner poor performance through a situated analysis – 2014

Research Interests:

  • School Education
  • Teacher Development
  • Higher Education

Teaching Interests:

  • Teacher Development
  • Curriculum


  • Completed in excess of 30 Masters dissertations and 9 PhD theses

Publications/Selected Publications:


  • Education Studies for Initial Teacher Education

Chapters in Books:

  • Ramrathan L (2011) Edgewood: Memories and the continuing journey. In Wassermann, J & Bryan, A (eds), Edgewood memories: from College to Faculty of Education.
  • Ramrathan P (2010) From response to theorizing: Curiculum intellectualizing through a critical incident autoethnography. In W Pinar (ed) Curriculum Studies in South Africa. Intellectual histories and present circumstances. USA: Macmillan. p107-124

Journal Articles:

  • Ramrathan, L. 2016. Widening access through higher education transformation: A case study of University of KwaZulu-Natal. M. Shah; A. Bennett and E. (eds) SouthgateWidening higher education participation, Elsevier: UK  (p196-209)
  • Ramrathan, L & Pillay, G. 2015. Re-imagining and expanding the discourse of student access, throughput and drop-out within the South African higher education context. Alternations. No 17 (2015) p 6-27
  • Mngomezulu, S & Ramrathan, L. 2015. Academic experiences of At-Risk students in a South African university. Alternations. No 17 (2015) p 116 – 141
  • Ramrathan, L & Ngubane, T I. (2013). Instructional leadership in multi-grade classrooms:  What can mono-grade teachers learn from their resilience. Education as Change. Vol 17 Supp 1 pp 93-105
  • Ramrathan, L (2013)) Towards a conceptual framework in understanding student dropout from higher education. South African Journal of Higher Education. Vol 27 (1) p 209-220
  • Ramrathan, L (2013). Towards a pedagogy of response: A matrix conception of teachers’ engaging with post-political educational reforms. International Journal of Research In Social Sciences. Vol 3 (3)
  • Ramrathan, L (2012) Assessment within Postgraduate Teaching: Who or what is being assessed? International Journal of Social Science.  vol  p125-130

Complete Research Record:

  • Student drop-out within higher education