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Jaqueline Naidoo

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Jacqueline Naidoo
Jaqueline Naidoo Lecturer

Seniority Dr.

Discipline Teacher Development Studies

Contact Number 033-260-5867

Office Address Room 47

Last Updated 5 months ago

Degrees Held

  • B.Paed (Science); B.Ed Hons; MEd; PhD

Research Interests

Teacher development, teacher identities and teacher emotions; narrative research; self-study research, HIV & AIDS education and teaching

Teaching Interests

Research discourses and methodologies; teacher’s personal and professional identities; researching teacher development; research proposal development

Publications/Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Muthukrishna, N; Ramsuran, A; Pennefather, J; Naidoo, J; Jugmohan, P. (2007) Sense making frameworks:  Dominant, discursive constructions of learners and communities by teachers in the context of intersecting barriers to basic education. Perspectives in Education. 25(1), 31-44.

Chapters in Books

  • Muthukrishna, A.; Morojele, P.; Naidoo, J. & D’amant, A. (forthcoming). Access to education in the global south. In E.G. Iriarte, R Mcconkey & R. Gilligan (Eds.). Disability in a global age. New York: Palgrave MacMillan.
  • Naidoo, J. (2013). HIV/AIDS pedagogy and teacher emotions: The heart of the matter. In D. Francis (Ed.), Sexuality, society and pedagogy (pp. 45-61). Bloemfontein: Sun Media.
  • Muthukrishna, N; Ramsuran, A; Pennefather, J; Naidoo, J; Jugmohan, P. (2008). Teachers’ dominant discursive constructions of learners and communities in the context of HIV/AIDS. In A. Muthukrishna (Ed.). Educating for social justice and inclusion in an African context. New York: Nova Science Publishers Inc.
  • Moll, I; Welch, T; Naidoo, J. (2004) Curriculum Responsiveness in Programme and Materials Development for Distance Teacher Education. In Griesel, H. (Ed), Curriculum Responsiveness: Case Studies in Higher Education. Pretoria,  SAUVCA. ISBN: 0- 62 – 33085 – 6.
  • Ramsuran, A; Naidoo, J; Pennefather, J; Muthukrishna, N; Ramiah, P; Jugmohan, P. (2006) “Failing is just another thing to some of our learners. Doesn’t make any difference to them whether they pass or fail”. In Muthukrishna, N, Mapping Barriers to Basic Schooling. NRF Report. Pietermaritzburg: University of KwaZulu-Natal, School of Education and Development. pp. 102-127.

Research Reports

Community Involvement

Served as reviewer for Perspectives in Education journal.

Teaching Expertise

Research methodologies in education, Narrative research, Teacher’s personal and professional identities, Research in teacher development

Student Supervision (Honours, Master, PhD …)


  • Komal, S.R. An exploration of holistic leadership opportunities for high school learners with an emotional intelligence approach. Main supervisor Prof. RB Moletsane. Student registered in 2014.

Master in Education

  • Majola, L. Teacher learning through collaborative teaching: A case study of a secondary school. To submit for examination in August 2014.
  • Mkhize, T. A. An exploration of the role of the Advanced Certificate in Education Mathematical Literacy programme in developing teacher knowledge in the Umgungundlovu district. To submit for examination in September 2014.
  • Nundkoomar, M. An exploration of how on-going curriculum changes affect the emotions of Life Sciences teachers. To submit for examination in September 2014.
  • Nkabinde, N. The geographies of schooling for teen mothers in a KwaZulu-Natal school. Main supervisor Prof. A. Muthukrishna. Submitted for examination in April 2014.
  • Mpontshane, NB. (2008) Social rights of children in the context of HIV/AIDS: What is the reality in a new democracy in South Africa. Main supervisor  Prof. A. Muthukrishna.
  • Ramiah, P. (2006) Teachers’ dominant discourses of barriers to basic education in the context of HIV/AIDS. Main supervisor Prof. A Muthukrishna.

BEd Hons

  • Musa, E. (2013). Using group work to improve learner participation and performance in a grade 11 Life Science class.
  • Ngcobo, L. (2013). Strategies to improve learner participation and confidence.
  • Maduna, P. (2012). Demonstration as a strategy to actively involve learners in grade 10 Life Sciences.
  • Mkone, S.F. (2012). Experiments as an innovative teaching strategy to improve learner understanding of cell division in grade 10 Agricultural Science.
  • Zondi, T.M. (2012). Promoting critical thinking skills of interpretation and analysis in grade 11 History learners.
  • Mpanza, S.P. (2011). Improving critical thinking skills by using data response as a teaching strategy in a grade 12 Geography classroom.
  • Nundkoomar, M. (2011). Concept mapping as a teaching strategy in my Grade 12 Life Sciences class.
  • Rampersadh, V. (2011). Learner performance in Grade 10 English literature, focusing on novel and poetry.