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Henry Nkhanedzeni Muribwathoho

Henry Nkhanedzeni Muribwathoho




Educational Psychology


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Edgewood Campus

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Degrees Held

  • M.Ed (University of Kwazulu-Natal – UKZN)
  • M.Ed (Harvard Graduate school of Education – HGSE)
  • B.Ed ( University of Cape Town – UCT)
  • B.A. & U.Ed ( University of the North – UNIN)

Research Interests

  • Psychological assessments and intervention
  • Inclusive education
  • Remedial interventions
  • Learner Support
  • Life Orientation
  • Psychological Interventions: substance abuse, HIV and AIDS, teenage pregnancy, violence and bullying etc

Teaching Interests

  • Psychological Assessments & Interventions
  • Life Skills Education

Publications / Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Muribwathoho, H.N. & Shumba, A. (2006).Guidance and Counselling Services in South African High Schools: Issues and Challenges. In Journal of Psychology in Africa, Vol. 16(1) (pp. 123-126). USA

Community Involvement

  • Training school counsellors and Peer counsellors
  • Psychological assessments (assessing learners and writing psychological reports)

Teaching Expertise

  • Psychological Assessments & Interventions
  • Life Skills Education

Student Supervision (Honours, Matser, PhD …)

B.Ed(Hons) – IRPM.ED (Full Thesis) M.Ed (Course-work)
Alijee, A. (208500770)King, A.O.O. (212558648 ??Bhengu, N.P. (209532008)
Duffield, M.C. (209501295)Jwili, N.V. (213573071)Msomi, N.W. (212558667)
Maharaj, M. (200302980)Banoo, N. (205513985)Dladla, T.T. 841841988
Naidoo, J. (209510382)Govender, K. (214581961)Gumede, N. (212559577)
Ramadhar, S. (206507611)Jiyane, Z.V. (9303242)
Speight, M.L. (206512690)Mafu, S.H. (982172844)
Zurakat, G.O. (213570399)
Dare, S.A. (212558320)
Madikane, Z. (213570560)