Cynthia Zanele Zama

Degrees Held

  • Doctor of Philosophy-Educational Psychology (Early Childhood Development), UKZN, 2022
  • Master of Education-Educational Psychology (Early Childhood Development), UKZN, 2014
  • Honours in Leadership and Management, UNISA, 2011
  • Bachelor of Arts, UNISA, 1998

Research Interests

  • ECCE teachers’ development.
  • Planning of teaching activities for young children development.
  • Well-being of children from birth to four.
  • Quality and equality in the early years.
  • Collaboration to transform ECCE.  
  • Policies/professionalism and transformation in the Early Childhood Care and Education sector.
  • Community of Practice/ Collaboration in Early Childhood Care and Education.
  • The empowerment of Early Childhood Care and Education centers in disadvantaged communities.

Teaching Interests

  • Life Skills in the Early Childhood Development
  • Creative Arts
  • Mathematics in the Early Years
  • First Additional Language Teaching Methodologies in the Foundation Phase.
  • Early Childhood Care Education Modules.

Teaching Expertise

  • Numeracy in the Early Years-EDPY 110- Teaches basic Foundation Phase mathematics content to first-year students.
  • English Literacy Method 1 First Additional Language (FAL)- Teach First Additional Language teaching skills to second-year students.
  • English Literacy Method 2 First Additional Language (FAL)- Advance students’ FAL teaching skills.
  • Institutional Teaching Practice- Provided guidance to prepare students for Teaching Practice.
  • Early childhood Development Module- Taught the essential aspects of childhood development.
  • Curriculum Development in ECD- Guided students on how ECD Curriculum is developed and reviewed.
  • Creative Arts in ECD- Guided students to integrate creative arts in the ECD and Foundation Phase Teaching.


Student Supervision

Community Involvement

  • (2021) Foundation and ECD phases focus on reading in the mother tongue before reading in a second language: Nalibali Project between literacy teacher educators.
  • (2022) Mapping of Emergent Reading Professional Development Material for isiZulu Home Language: VVOB Project in South Africa.