Anne Harley

Degrees Held

  • B.A. (UCT)
  • B.A. Hons (UCT)
  • M.Ed (Adult Education) UKZN
  • PhD (Adult Education) UKZN


  • I have worked at UKZN/Natal University for 20 years as an academic. Prior to this, I did commissioned research for the National Land Commission, and the Black Sash.


  • Publications that I have been involved in have won various awards (eg. University Book Prize, NADEOSA materials award).

Research Interests

  • Knowledge generation outside of the Academy, and how this fits/is different from that generated inside the academy – in particular, social movement knowledge generation and social movement learning; ‘development’, in particular its effects on the poor; popular education; radical/critical adult education, especially the work of Paulo Freire.

Teaching Interests

  • As above. I teach within the disciplines of Adult Education and Education and Development, from undergraduate to postgraduate level.





  • I supervise students at Honours, Masters and PhD level, largely within the areas of interest as described above. I am particularly keen to work with students working in a critical framework.

Community Involvement

  • I head up the Paulo Freire project of the Centre for Adult Education, which has links with the Paulo Freire Institutes in other parts of the world. Part of this work involves running a variety of activities on and off campus. Much of this work is done in collaboration with civil society organisations.
  • I am currently a member of the Popular Education Network, an international network of people involved in popular education.