School of Education

Application Criteria

Application Criteria

Dear Prospective BEd Honours Student without a Degree (but who has ACE, HDE and FDE)  

If you are interested in applying for the Bachelor of Education Honours Degree please note the criteria:

Applicants may be registered for the qualification of Honours provided that they have:

  1. ) completed a Bachelors degree regarded as appropriate by the college concerned; or
  2. ) been admitted to the status of that degree in terms of Rule GR7(a); or
  3. ) attained a level of competence as defined in Rule GR7(b).

A college may prescribe further minimum criteria for admission to study.

If you do not satisfy the above criteria, have a four year diploma and an aggregate of 55%, you may apply for admission into the BEd Honours programme through rule GR7 (b) which recognizes prior learning.

The process:

Step 1: Complete an application form: See the website for details or contact the appropriate administrator who will send an application to you.


Submit the completed Form and Portfolio to the Teaching and Learning Administrators Office (Room No 149) Edgewood Campus and School of Education PMB Campus (Room 60).

Please ensure that your name and telephone number and email address is correct so that the appropriate administrator can, based on your application, inform you if you qualify for the competency test.

Closing Date: 30 June 2016  (Application Submission)

Step 2: Write a competency test. Date: 09 July 2016 (Saturday)

Please note that you need to score 55% in this test. You cannot study for this test. It will comprise reading a few texts and writing a synthesis of what you have read.

Portfolio Submission Guidelines (Compulsory)

Step 3: Submit a Portfolio. – 09 July 2016. The purpose of the portfolio is to allow you an opportunity to enhance your application by providing a motivation for why you want to study further and to showcase your prior personal and professional achievements. Completing the portfolio is also part of the standard GR7 (b) criteria. 


The portfolio, to be submitted in an A4 size file, must contain the following:

  • Cover page with your full biographical details (name and surname, all your contact details at home and work, identification number)
  • Certified full academic record
  • A 1 page letter of motivation in which you elaborate on: why you want to do an honours degree/why you want to do an honours degree in a specific specialization)
  • A CV containing information on the educational institutions you have attended, full employment history, major personal and professional achievements that you want to highlight as it relates to your application, any other material – publications, letters of recommendation and so forth – that you might think will enhance your application