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About the Honours Programme

Bachelor of Education (Honours) 2012
School of Education, University of KwaZulu-Natal

The purpose of the B.Ed Hons
The central purpose of the degree is to provide a foundation for further academic study and research. It is designed to build the competence of expert educators, curriculum specialists, managers and educational researchers.
Entry requirements
You must have either an approved bachelor’s degree AND a one year teaching qualification OR a four-year teaching qualification;
PLUS A minimum average of 65% in your previous qualification. Students may be required to write an entrance test.
Students must be computer literate, or become computer literate during their first semester.
Specializations on offer

All students need to enter one of the following specializations:

  • Adult Education (Pietermaritzburg)
  • Curriculum Studies (Edgewood)
  • Education Leadership, Management and Policy (Edgewood & Pietermaritzburg)
  • Educational Psychology (Edgewood)
  • Gender and Education (Edgewood)
  • History Education (Edgewood)
  • Language and Media Studies (Edgewood & Pietermaritzburg)
  • Social Justice Education (PMB and Edgewood)
  • Social Science Education (Edgewood)
  • Science & Maths( Edgewood)
  • Teacher Education and Professional Development (Edgewood and Pietermaritzburg)
  • Technology Education(Edgewood)
  • Education & Development(Pietermaritzburg)

PLEASE NOTE: Not all specialisations are offered every year.

College of Humanities  website:
Structure of the qualification
The B.Ed Hons consists of Seven modules. It may be completed in one year fulltime (four modules per semester) or over two years part time (two modules per semester). Full time students may not have more than 20 hours paid employment per week.

All students must complete TWO compulsory modules:

  • Understanding Research
  • Independent Research project 32Cr

In addition, you will complete the modules that are required by your specialisation.

Delivery of the qualification
Lectures are offered at Edgewood mostly on weekdays from 16h00 – 18h00 and in PMB mostly on Saturdays or during school holidays (depending on the specialisation). You also will need to do a considerable amount of individual reading and independent study.

There are a range of assessment strategies including assignment, group work, practical demonstrations of professional competences, tests and written examination.

Applying for 2012
Applications forms are available from September. Selection will begin on 31 October 2011. You will be notified by the end of December. If you are selected, a R500 acceptance fee is payable by 15 Jan 2012 to secure your place.

For more information, contact:
Edgewood: Ms Bongi Bhengu
Tel (031) 260 3436;
Fax: (031) 260 7594

PMB: Ms Natasha Naidoo
Tel: (033) 260 6245;
Fax: (033) 260 5900

Application Criteria

Dear Prospective BEd Honours Student who does not have a Degree

If you are interested in applying for the Bachelor of Education Honours Degree please note the criteria:
Applicants may be registered for the qualification of Honours in any faculty provided
that they have:

(i) completed a Bachelors degree regarded as appropriate by the Faculty concerned; or
(ii) been admitted to the status of that degree in terms of Rule GR7(a); or
(iii) attained a level of competence as defined in Rule GR7(b).
The faculty may prescribe further minimum criteria for admission to study.
If you do not satisfy the above criteria, have a four year diploma and an aggregate of 65%, you may apply for admission into the BEd Honours programme through rule GR7(b) which recognizes prior learning.
The process
Step 1: Complete an application form: See the website for details or contact the appropriate administrator. Submit the completed form to the Post Graduate Office. Please ensure that your name and telephone number and email address is correct so that the appropriate administrator can, based on your application, inform you if you qualify for the competency test. Due date: 30 June 2011

Step 2: Write a competency test. Please note that you need to score 65% in this test. You cannot study for this test. It will comprise reading a few texts and writing a synthesis of what you have read. Date: Sat 16 July 2011 – 9:00-12:00 Venue: PMB and Edgewood

Step 3: Submit a Portfolio. Due date: 16 July 2011 – to be submitted at the venue in which you will write the competency test. The purpose of the portfolio is to allow you an opportunity to enhance your application by providing a motivation for why you want to study further and to showcase your prior personal and professional achievements. Completing the portfolio is also part of the standard GR7(b) criteria.

The portfolio, to be submitted in a A4 size file, must contain the following:

  • Cover page with your full biographical details (name and surname, all your contact details at home and work, identification number)
  • Certified full academic record
  • A 1 page letter of motivation in which you elaborate on: why you want to do an honours degree/why you want to do an honours degree in a specific specialization)
  • A CV containing information on the educational institutions you have attended, full employment history, major personal and professional achievements that you want to highlight as it relate to your application, any other material – publications, letters of recommendation and so forth – that you might think will enhance your application

1. Should steps 1, 2 and 3 as outlined above be completed successfully you will be assisted in completing a GR7b application form by a person from the specialization identified by you. Date: Sat 27 August 2011 Venue: PMB and Edgewood – 9:00-11:00.

2. You will be informed of the outcome of your application by the Post Graduate Office of the Faculty of Education by 30 November 2011.

Edgewood: Ms Bongi Bhengu
Tel (031) 260 3436;
Fax: (031) 260 7594

PMB: Ms Natasha Naidoo
Tel: (033) 260 6245;
Fax: (033) 260 5900