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Masters Study into Migration of SA Teachers

Ms Nadine Stow.
Ms Nadine Stow.

Reasons why South African teachers leave their home country to work overseas and why some are attracted to Kuwait was the focus of research by Mrs Nadine Stow who graduated with a Master’s degree in Education.

Stow, herself a migrant teacher, found that the majority of teachers left for financial reasons but noted ‘if small changes were made so that teaching conditions were improved, teachers might be more willing to handle the financial challenges and remain in South Africa close to family and home’.

Said Stow: ‘One thing prominent in the interviews and discussions I had with teachers was how they all still think of South Africa as their “home” even though many have lived and worked in Kuwait for 20 years or more. They all share a special love for South Africa.’

Stow’s masters’ journey was fraught with challenges. ‘I lost my job in staff reductions caused by COVID-19 and a month later my son was born.  Fortunately I started work again full-time soon after giving birth,’ she explained.

She thanked her supervisor Professor Sadhana Manik as well as her family and friends for their support during her studies.

Stow’s plans to continue researching, learn more and help make positive changes in issues facing the teaching profession in South Africa.


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