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65-year-old UKZN Student Produces Hit Song!

Musician and PhD student Ms Olpha Selepe.
Musician and PhD student Ms Olpha Selepe.

Singer and doctoral student Ms Olpha Selepe, aka Gee Six Five, is trending on social media since the release of her popular song Obani lababantu? (Who are those people?).

Selepe (65) proves that age is just a number as she excels in the music industry as well as in academics.

In her song, she talks about people pointing fingers and blaming others for the problems they face instead of fixing things themselves.

The music video is fast approaching 100 000 views on YouTube and the single is in the iTunes South Africa Top 20.

Although she doesn’t plan to release an album or any future songs, she hopes to be an inspiration to others to follow their dreams no matter their age or background. ‘You can chase your dreams. You can pursue the life you’ve always wanted. Go for it!’

She says her music is also meant to encourage people about the importance of education.

Speaking about her PhD in Education, she said: ‘My field of research is in higher education. It’s about our TVET college students and how they prepare for the workplace,’ she said.

Her advice to students is: ‘Get an education because there’s nothing you can do without education.’

Watch the full video on YouTube

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