School of Education

Education Students Involved in Ngoleleni Community Engagement

A group of Education students participated in a community engagement endeavour held by the African Midwife Organisation (Ababelethisi) in Ngoleleni, KwaZulu-Natal.
UKZN students and staff with Ngoleleni community members.
UKZN students and staff with Ngoleleni community members.

The students’ lecturer and UKZN’s Academic Leader for Community Engagement, Dr Angela James, accompanied them.

The event focused on providing information about access to university, what it means to be a student, expectations of a teacher, and working to improve teacher-learner trust.

Each UKZN student shared their experiences about schools and challenges they encountered, and delivered a motivational message for the youth in the community.

Second-year student Mr Sandile Mnyandu said: ‘Teaching is a gift that one needs to embrace. The challenge we have is that we blame everyone for the wrong things that happen in our lives without looking at ourselves first. If your absence is not felt, then your presence is useless.’

Another student Mr Buyelani Shangase said South Africa needed community-based revolutions to ‘expose all the challenges that communities, especially learners and parents, face because of the lack of respect and commitment from some of those involved in education who lack integrity and responsibility’.

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