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Education Student Represents SA in Training Programme for African Youth with Disabilities

Ms Khethokuhle Bhengu
Ms Khethokuhle Bhengu

The National Academy of Information Technology (NAID) hosts the event for persons with disabilities.

Bhengu is currently registered under the Disability Unit and is the chairperson of the interim committee of Differently Abled Student Association (DASA) on the Edgewood Campus.

The training programme aims to develop the personal and technical skills of trainees and enhance their innovation capabilities. It further provides technical training in communications and information technology programmes.

Bhengu saw her chance to improve on her disability training when her Edgewood campus Disability Unit Coordinator sent a communique to all students registered under the Disability Unit alerting them of the opportunity in Egypt. Realising the importance of technology and seeing this as a once in a lifetime opportunity, Bhengu applied and was accepted.

She looks forward to ‘developing my skills and taking advantage of the inherent and exceptional abilities in achieving the goals of economic and social development in South Africa’.

On her return, Bhengu aims to share the skills gained during the training to all segments of society in KZN with special focus on youth and persons with disabilities.

Ms Khethokuhle Bhengu
Ms Khethokuhle Bhengu

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