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Masters dissertation analyses Service-Learning projects undertaken by pre-service teachers

Mrs Ifeoma C. Deca-Anyanwu
Mrs Ifeoma C. Deca-Anyanwu

The findings from her research supports the influence of Service-Learning on students and in communities, and the implications of reciprocal relations and reflections during the implementation of Service-Learning projects.

Deca-Anyanwu in her research developed a model that indicated the pre-service teachers through their SL project applied the four learning cycles (concrete experience, reflection, conceptualisation and active experimentation) of the Experiential Learning Theory that guided her research.

‘The findings from my research adds to the growing popularity of SL in Higher Education and fosters the community-university relationship. From the results of my research, SL projects provide students with knowledge and skills development,’ said Deca-Anyanwu. ‘They are able to apply theory to practice, have a direct experience of reciprocal community engagement that fosters their personal and professional growth, which would not have been possible in a traditional classroom context.’

She thanked her family, friends and supervisor Dr Angela James for their support. ‘These past two years on this study would not have been easy without my family and friends. If there is something I have come to understand and learn in life, it is that we need one another.’

Her advice to other researchers is, ‘As you climb the academic ladder, the task can be very exhausting and it seems unachievable. It is however necessary to know that you are levelling up while at it.’

Deca-Anyanwu now plans to pursue her PhD.

Mrs Ifeoma C. Deca-Anyanwu

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