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School of Education Awards Top Student Achievers

Highlights from the School of Education Student Excellence Awards.
Highlights from the School of Education Student Excellence Awards.

The School of Education recently held its annual Student Excellence Awards ceremony on the Edgewood campus to honour its top performing students for their hard work and outstanding academic achievements.

Dean and Head of the School, Professor Thabo Msibi was proud of the students saying, ‘The awards ceremony recognises the hard work and effort put in by both undergraduate and postgraduate students from the School.

The School introduced three new awards outside academics. Students were able to nominate their peers for the Leadership Award and Community Engagement Award. A Committee consisting of academic members of staff in the School received and considered the nominations. Another new special award for Teacher Professionalism was also introduced. This award was sponsored by the South African Council for Educators and was given to a student who passed their teaching practice modules with distinction for the four years of Teaching Practice,’ he said.

Awards were conferred to students who excelled in the areas of Education Studies; Mathematics and Computer Science; Science and Technology; Social Sciences; Language and Arts; Adult Education; Development and Leadership and Management.

There were also presentations of Advanced Certificates in Education and National Professional Diplomas in Education (ACE/NPDE), Postgraduate Certificates in Education, Honours, Master’s, Dean’s Special awards, Dean’s Commendations and Merit Certificates.

The Dean’s Special awards went to the top three students of each undergraduate level with the top undergraduate student award going to Ms Yvette Pillay. ‘I am honoured at this award. Hard work pays off,’ she said.

Another student, Ms Sbongimpile Mdabe was elated to receive the award for Computer Science saying, ‘This award means a lot to me. It is a sign that no circumstance can hinder me if I am determined to succeed. Awards like these motivate students, especially when you see students like Yvette who are outstanding. I am reminded that I can do it too. These awards contribute to the quality of students produced in the School and the University as a whole.’

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