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SMC Report – 3rd November 2017

The appointment for the Community Engagement Academic Leader was on 1st August, but officially announced on 8th August.

During the period of 8th August to 30th October the Community Engagement activities undertaken are the following:

Meetings and Presentation participation

  • 21st August – Learning Barriers planning meeting with Educational Psychology staff – Professor Hlalele; Dr Jairam; Dr Muribwathoho and Mr Mweli.
  • 25th August – Quality Enhancement Project (UTLO).
  • 30th August – Discussion with Professor Kriben Pillay – Mindfulness, Leadership and his role in Community Engagement – Students and Staff.
  • 1st September – Attend workshop – RPL as Specialised Pedagogy.
  • 4th September – Student Services – exploring diverse student actions – hydroponics and planting fruit trees (food security), funding and funders, recognised student organisations and their actions – on going discussion – Ms Sheri Seetal.
  • 5th September – Renaming buildings – Prof Msibi, Dr Pillay, Mr Mbongwe.
  • 5th September – Eskom Expo – mentoring of students to engage rural schools in participating in the expo, which occurs every year during August – Ms Dookie.
  • 5th September – ICT and Technology and 21st Century project – initial meeting with Prof Msibi, Prof Govender, Dr Mngomezulu and Ms van Wyk.
  • 11th September – WESSA AND German student visit in Pmb and Gavin Heath
  • 12th September – Sustainable Living planning meeting – Ms Lutchmiah (eThekwini Municipality)
  • 12 September – The plan – Brainstorming / think tank workshop with students, staff and community organisation and I-Innovate (changed due to strike). Actual – a meeting with Mr Benson and Ms Crookes.
  • 4th October –Community Engagement discussions with DUT staff – Professor Lortan and Dr Timm – Collaboration – common vision for KZN and Community Engagement initiatives.
  • 9th October – Read to Learn Conference – Pmb.
  • 13th October – Meeting with Wildlife and Environmental Association of South Africa (WESSA) – Pmb campus – discuss working with ENSA and future developments.
  • 13th October – GBV Task Team meeting – Edgewood campus
  • 16th October – Project Build (NGO) – School Infra-structure – Developing schools [DOCUMENT TITLE] ANGELA JAMES
  • 17th October – Sustainable Development Conference – Mr Benson
  • 18th October – KFC Mini-Cricket – Mr Nxumalo and Mr Sokaniyela (Cricket Board)
  • 27th October – Sustainable Development Conference – Mr Benson and Ms Naidoo.
  • 30th October – GBV Task team meeting
  • 3Oth October – Values based education – Prof Msibi and Ms de la Croix
  • 30TH October – Community –Engagement meeting (not face to face – document circulated).
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