School of Education

Social Science Education

Social Science Education

Welcome to the Thematic Group:  Social Science Education in the School of Education (SSE).

Vision Statement
To be the leading inter-disciplinary school that promotes African scholarship through teaching, research and outreach in social sciences education.

Mission Statement
In the spirit of ‘uMuntu ngumuntu ngabantu’ [a person is a person through other people] we seek to become a leading school for teaching, research and outreach in social science education

We make a commitment to:

  • Emphasising values of mutual respect, equity and social justice
  • Promoting responsiveness in interactions amongst staff, between staff and students, and between the School and its partners
  • Enhancing disciplinary depth and inter-disciplinary collaboration
  • Valuing students as a central focus in the life of the School
  • Focusing particularly on using the African context and the intellectual perspectives this offers as an opportunity to address universal challenges of learning, teaching and research
  • Making a scholarly contribution to the Faculty of Education, the College of Humanities, and the broader University

For information about our modules and majors (undergraduate and postgraduate) please follow our link: