School of Education

Higher Education Teaching & Learning (University Wide)

Higher Education Training and DevelopmentThe Higher Education  Training and Development (HEDT) promotes the field of Higher Education in all its facets and forms, as an area of scholarship and praxis, through commitment to collegiality, collaboration and equity as the basis for excellence.     

In developing Higher Education as a field of study and scholarship, The Centre is committed to excellence in all aspects, and across all levels and forms, of the sector. Through national, regional, institutional and individual collaboration and networking it will provide a conducive and stimulating environment for developing and supporting research-based professional practicein areas such as curriculum design and development, professional development, teaching and learning, policy development, assessment, quality and excellence, leadership and management, organization or institutional development and systems in Higher Education. Staff development and cpacity building through both formal and informal processes are seen as key activities, fostering research-based practice, rather than simply technical input and assistance.

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