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Education Studies

Education Studies

Welcome to the Thematic Group: Education Studies. 

Education Studies offers courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. At undergraduate level we teach Educational Foundations courses: Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology of Education as well as Professional Studies. These are compulsory areas for all initial teacher education (ITE) students. In this regard we are the soul of ITE in this School of Education. Education Studies also boasts of a strong and fast growing Early Childhood Development sector.

At the postgraduate level  courses are offered  in Curriculum Studies, Educational Psychology/ Guidance and Counseling and Gender Education. We teach at BEd Honours, MEd and PhD levels. The combination of our programmes seeks to develop professionals who can competently respond to today’s social and educational challenges including HIV/AIDS, transformation, etc.

Our academic team is a combination of seasoned and budding researchers. Research and publications are a significant part of our core-business. In this regard, we are growing our team by strategies such as the use of honorary professors. We are keen to link up with more academics that research and publish in the areas related to ours. We also believe in inter-disciplinary research.

For information about our modules and majors (undergraduate and postgraduate) please follow our link: