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Eskom Expo Young Scientists Mentoring Training Workshop with UKZN and MUT students

24th February 2018; 10h00 – 13h30 | G101- Edgewood campus

UKZN students who had volunteered to participate in this Community Engagement activity (over the past two meetings (first meeting – call for interested students; second meeting – Presentation by Provincial Co-ordinator- Ms Nalini Dookie) were invited to participate in the mentor training workshop.


  • What is ESKOM Expo and why does Eskom fund it
  • What it means to be a mentor – guideline documents
  • Mentoring young learners – Expo – guideline documents
  • Expo display assessment ( Assessing projects document)

23 Students attended: 14 UKZN and 9 MUT students. A planning and action schedule was collaboratively developed. ESKOM Expo – provided a lunch.

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