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Environmental Sustainable Action and Community Development Conference/Do-Ference

 4th – 6th APRIL 2018, Hosted by the School of Education, University of KwaZulu-Natal In Partnership with: Venue – School of Education, University of KwaZulu-Natal (Edgewood campus) 2018: Are you Actioning Sustainable Development within Communities? The vision for the city of Durban –   By 2030 the eThekwini Municipality will enjoy the reputation of being Africa’s most liveable city, where all citizens live in harmony. This vision will be achieved by growing it’s economy and meeting people’s needs so that all citizens enjoy a high quality of life with equal opportunities, in a city that they are truly proud of. The call to action is for schools, universities, business, community organisations and government to engage, to meet this vision. Objectives of the Conference:
  • The advancement of Environmental Sustainable Action and Development within communities, fostering the active engagement of all persons (researchers, teachers, learners, members of government, community and business), for environmental sustainable actions.
  • Enhancing the development and engagement of disciplines through Environmental Sustainable Action and Community Development.
  • Engaging teachers in curriculum related environmentally sustainable issues in a theoretical and practically based approach.
  • Promote research and civil action in the participation in Community Development Action, to develop/enhance disciplinary programmes/curricular/actions in response to current and future needs.
  • Developing collaborations and partnerships, with sense of community, among researchers, teachers, community organisations, government and business, for initiating, enhancing and promoting environmentally sustainable actions.

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