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A very warm welcome to the School of Education Teaching and Learning

I am L R Maharajh – the Academic Leader of Teaching and Learning in the School of Education.

The purpose of the Academic Leader (Teaching and Learning) is to provide academic leadership in Teaching and Learning. The Academic Leader is a member of the School Management Committee (SMC). 

The Academic Leader (Teaching and Learning) supports Dean and Head of School with Academic and Administrative Functions. Some of the Academic and Administrative duties and responsibilities of the Academic Leader (Teaching and Learning) are:

Academic Leadership

  • Provide Teaching and Learning leadership within the School
  • Chair the school Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Facilitate teaching-related staff development and training including but not limited to curriculum development pedagogy and assessments.


  • Reporting on Teaching and Learning matters
  • Ensuring Teaching and Learning processes are implemented as per policy and University and College procedures
  • Deal with student grievances within the School
  • Monitor the teaching programmes to ensure quality delivery of teaching and assessment

This Teaching and Learning webpage will grant you access to some of the policy documents that guides our work in the School, as well as highlights and recent developments of the Teaching and Learning office.

Policies and Guideline Documents

Title Type Author Date Size Tags
Communication Protocol Student Grievance rules-for-students-2015 .pdf July 13, 2017 191.04 KB Download
PGCE Funza Guidelines .pdf July 13, 2017 182.57 KB Download
Policy on Teaching and Learning .pdf July 13, 2017 270.13 KB Download
Funza Lushaka Roadshow .pdf July 13, 2017 1.20 MB Download
Principle and Procedures for Student Feedback on Teaching Quality Senate .pdf July 13, 2017 117.63 KB Download
Policy on Assessment .pdf July 13, 2017 166.18 KB Download
Exam Scripts Remark Procedure .pdf July 13, 2017 95.50 KB Download
Plagiarism Policy PPT .pdf July 13, 2017 457.20 KB Download
Moderation of ALL modules Senate .pdf July 13, 2017 295.60 KB Download
Bachelor of Edudation Funza Lushaka Bursary Scheme Guidelines .pdf July 13, 2017 108.64 KB Download
Policy on Quality Promotion and Assurance .pdf July 13, 2017 108.25 KB Download
Teaching and Learning Indaba Executive Summary .pdf July 13, 2017 683.50 KB Download
Plagiarism Policy .pdf July 13, 2017 404.01 KB Download
Plagiarisms Flowchart-one student .pdf July 13, 2017 110.78 KB Download

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