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Prof Vitallis Chikoko
Position Professor
Cluster Adult Education, Development, and Leadership, Management and Policy
Discipline Educational Leadership, Management and Policy
Degrees Held BEd, MEd, PhD
Phone 031 260 2639
Email chikokov@ukzn.ac.za
Office Address Room CS118


  • 18 years university teaching experience


  • Have been Discipline Coordinator; MEd Programme Coordinator; Head of School of Education Studies


  • Spencer Foundation Scholarship for PhD

Research Interests:

  • Educational Leadership in trying school contexts;
  • Leadership development;
  • Rural education;
  • Indigenous African leadership

Teaching Interests:

  • Educational Leadership


  • Graduated 3 PhDs; 30 Master’s


Selected Publications (2011 – 2013):

  • Naicker, I., Chikoko, V & Mthiyane, S.E. (2014) Does Mentorship Add Value to In-service Leadership Development for School Principals? Evidence from South Africa.  Anthropologist. 17(2) 421-431.
  • Kalenga, R. & Chikoko, V. (2014) The state of Inclusion in one South African Primary School: Evidence from one School Principal. J Soc Sci, 38(2) 321-331.
  • Kalenga, R., Chikoko, V. & Khanare, F. (2013) Leadership practices among the Lamba people of Zambia: Some implications for school leadership. Indilinga African Journal, 12(2) 231-241.
  • Naicker, I., Morojele, P., Pithouse-Morgan, K., Pillay, D. & Chikoko, V. (2014) Moving towards Curriculum Intellectualising in the Context of Divergent Notions of African Scholarship. Accepted in:  African Studies
  • Chikoko, V. & Chiome, C. (2013) Quality tutorials in open and distance learning: Exploring experiences of Zimbabwe Open University students. African Educational Research Journal, 1(3): 152-160.
  • Morojele, P., Chikoko, V. & Ngcobo, T. (2013) Do women have to ‘Grow Muscles’ in Order to Successfully Manage Schools? Evidence from Some South African Female School Principals. Anthropologist, 15(2): 199-207.
  • Chikoko, V., Pillay, D., Pithouse-Morgan, K.J., Morojele, P., & Naicker, I. (2013) What Access? Lived Experiences of International Post-graduate Students from Africa Studying in a South African University. J Soc Sci, 37(2): 167-177.
  • Naicker, I., Chikoko, V. & Mthiyane, S.E. (2013) Instructional leadership practices in challenging school contexts. Education As Change. 17(S1): S137-S150.
  • Chikoko, V. & Khanare, F. (2012) School Management Teams’ Conceptualisation of School Assets in Addressing the Needs of Children Orphaned and Made Vulnerable by HIV and AIDS: Evidence from South Africa. J Soc Sci, 32(1): 23-36.
  • de Lange N; Pillay, G. & Chikoko V. (2011) Doctoral learning: A case for a cohort model of supervision and support. SAJE 31(1), 15-30.
  • Chikoko, V., Gilmour, J.D., Harber, C. & Serf, J. (2011) Teaching Controversial issues and teacher education in England and South Africa. Journal of Education for Teaching, 37(2) pp 5-19.
  • Chikoko, V., Naicker, I., & Mthiyane, S.E. (2011) Leadership Development: School principals’ portfolios as an instrument for change. Education as Change, 15(2) 317-329



  • Chikoko, V. & Jorgensen, K.M. (Eds.) (2012) Education Leadership, Management and Governance in South Africa. New York: NOVA Publishers.
  • Townsend, T., MacBeath, J. (Eds.), with Al-Barwani, T., Avalos, B., Bogotch, I., Chikoko, V., Dempster, N., Moos, L., O’Brien, J., Sackney, L. and Walker, A. (2011) International Handbook of Leadership for Learning. London: Springer.


Book Chapter

  • Chikoko, V. & Magadla, M. (2012) Learner Involvement in School Governance: Where are We? In Chikoko, V. & Jorgensen, K.M. (Eds.). Education Leadership, Management and Governance in South Africa. New York: NOVA Publishers.
  • Chikoko, V. (2011) The Challenge of Teaching in Under-Resourced Schools: A Reflection on Pre-service Teachers’ Journals, IN Islam, F., Mitchell, C., deLange, N., & Combrinck, M. (Eds.), School-University Partnerships for Educational Change in Rural South Africa: Particular Challenges and Practical Cases. Lewiston: The Edwin Mellen Press.
  • Chikoko, V. & Rampai, A. T. (2011) School Culture and Pupil Performance: Evidence from Lesotho, IN Townsend, T. & McBeath, J. (Eds.), International Handbook of Leadership for Learning. London: Springer. pp 1195-1214.
  • Forde, R.D. & Chikoko, V. (2012) What Teachers Understand About the Leadership of Pupils. In Chikoko, V. & Jorgensen, K.M. (Eds.). Education Leadership, Management and Governance in South Africa. New York: NOVA Publishers.

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