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The new School of Education in a new South Africa carries the responsibility and obligation to respond to the inequalities and injustices inherited in the local context of the new university, the province and in the country; and simultaneously it must address the global, the continent of Africa, and the margin or periphery as part of the developing world. It has to do so in all areas of its core functions of research, teaching, learning and community engagement.

It must operate within and manage the deepening tensions produced by the rapid advance of Science and Technology, which is fundamentally changing the nature and structures of communities as new informational and knowledge economies and societies emerge and the gap between the poor and the wealthy, and the north and the south widens.

The School of Education is located on two sites namely, Edgewood (Pinetown) and Pietermaritzburg. The School offers a wide range of undergraduate degrees and diplomas as well as postgraduate certificates, Honours, Masters and Doctoral studies programmes.

The vision is of an education that is accessible and relevant to the full range of learners, appropriate to both national and global contexts, that is of high quality and that contributes to lifelong learning in a South Africa characterised by social justice and sustainable economic development. The School sees itself as being a School located within an African university which is socially inclusive, contextually relevant and has as its primary function the generation of knowledge needed in the society that it serves.

The School of Education has strong national reputations for teacher education programmes, adult education, workplace learning and higher education. A wide variety of programmes are offered at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Prospective students are urged to discuss their needs with the relevant staff at two centres.

Professor Gregory Kamwendo


It is with great pleasure and excitement that I warmly welcome you to the website of the School of Education. Ours is the largest School in the College of Humanities at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and we are proud of our excellence in the academic trinity.

In line with the academic structure which the University of KwaZulu-Natal adopted in 2012, the School of Education is made up of the following six clusters:
  • Science and Technology Education
  • Mathematics and Computer Science Education
  • Social Sciences Education
  • Education Studies
  • Education, Development, Leadership and Management
  • Language, Arts and Media Education
We offer the following academic programmes: Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Education Honours, Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), M. Ed and PhD.  We are proud of our cohort model of PhD supervision which is well appreciated in many quarters both within and outside the University.
The cohort model of supervision is one of the factors behind our increasing postgraduate throughput rate. We have taken our cohort model of supervision to contexts beyond the borders of South Africa. For example, we are currently running M.Ed/PhD cohorts in Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Mauritius and intend to extend this facility to other countries. We also offer postdoctoral fellowships.
For a student who seeks quality academic programmes, the School of Education is the name to keep in mind. For a researcher who wants to go on a sabbatical or research leave, the School of Education is a fruitful destination. We also work in partnership and collaboration with other institutions of higher education through Memorandums of Understanding. New partners are most welcome. We invite you all to read more on our website, and please do not hesitate to link up with us on any matter of interest.
Enjoy your visit to our website. Feel at home!

Prof Gregory Kamwendo: Dean & Head of the School of Education

  • Education student gets Mini-Cricket Coach of the Year award

    Education student gets Mini-Cricket Coach of the Year award

    [20-Aug] Masters student in Teacher Development Studies in the School of Education, Mrs Ragini Moodley, is KFC Mini-Cricket’s Coach of the Year!

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  • Education doctoral student presents paper at conference in Canada

    Education doctoral student presents paper at conference in Canada

    [07-Aug] PhD student at the School of Education, Mr Oladele Agbomeji, was awarded the National Research Foundation (NRF) Travel Grant which enabled him to travel to Vancouver in Canada to present his paper titled: An Exploration of Gender and Education in the Nigerian Context, at the 13th International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities.

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  • Academics discuss pertinent education topics in Seychelles

    Academics discuss pertinent education topics in Seychelles

    [30-Jul] Professor Michael Samuel from the School of Education and Dr. Maheshvari Naidu from the School of Social Sciences recently made paper presentations at the inaugural International Education Conference hosted by the University of Seychelles.

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  • Masakhane Youth Leadership Course hosts Women Leaders Panel

    Masakhane Youth Leadership Course hosts Women Leaders Panel

    [16-Jul] The 14th annual Masakhane Youth Leadership Course (MYLC) recently hosted the highly anticipated Women Leaders Panel on the Edgewood campus which discussed issues affecting women leaders.

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  • UKZN hosts 14th annual Masakhane Youth Leadership Course

    UKZN hosts 14th annual Masakhane Youth Leadership Course

    [16-Jul] UKZN’s School of Education in association with the Community Development Association – a student-run community outreach organisation - recently hosted the 14th annual Masakhane Youth Leadership Course (MYLC).

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